LiveTime Points

Exclusive for LiveTime account owners:

Every time a user signs up for a Bonus Lap membership, they are required to select their home/favorite track. Each time their account renews, you get points for their renewal! Use these points to get free stuff to upgrade your facility!

Orders using points may not be done through our store at this time.  Please use this page to browse the items available, and call or email LiveTime support to place your order.  Large items such as TV's will be drop shipped to you.

The dollar value on items listed below correlates is the points required to redeem the item. For example, an item listed at $100,000 would require 100,000 points in your account.

Terms & Conditions: The intent of the LiveTime Points program is to give tracks free items to improve and upgrade their facility as a thank you to racers who have selected your track as their favorite place to race. These items should not be kept for personal or home use, and should not be resold.  As part of each claimed LiveTime Points item, LiveTime retains the right to publish and advertise the claimed reward and which track it is shipping to.

* Larger sized items such as TV's are not stocked by LiveTime and have volatile pricing.  Prices and availability are subject to change at the time of ordering if the price from our vendor has changed.